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The epic adventure finally arrives on November 1st, only in theaters and IMAX! 

21 years ago I read Ender’s Game for the very first time, since then I have ready it probably 10 times and it has been one of my all-time favorite movies. Cannot wait for it to come out.
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» Yahoo: Everyone’s Favorite Gadget Geek, David Pogue, to Join Yahoo

Definitely looking forward to this. Marissa Mayer has done so much for Yahoo! and is slowing building a team for the future.


By Marissa Mayer

I am thrilled to announce that award-winning columnist, best-selling author, and TV host David Pogue will be joining Yahoo. David will lead a major expansion of consumer tech coverage on Yahoo and will publish columns, blog posts and video stories that demystify the gadgets,…

Found in Tumblr Queue

Found this in my Tumbr queue from when I started the 30 day post three years ago.

Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently


November 28, 2010

» Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?

Next time you can’t figure out how to add tab stops just remember that this guy designed a iOS 7 in Word.

“The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always rewarded.”

- Scott Hamilton (via theheathermcleod)
Cute little house.
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I want to go to Palm Springs.
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» Tesla Repays Department of Energy Loan Nine Years Early | Press Releases | Tesla Motors


Summer Lovin’ with @marcusbryan and @lara_conrad

Last karaoke with Lara before her move to Ohio.
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